About Andrew L. Farkas, Attorney at Law

Andrew L. Farkas, Attorney at Law, is dedicated to protecting the rights of his clients throughout Plano, Texas, and the Dallas metro area. He will take the time to get to know you and fully understand the details of your case in order to prepare a legal strategy specifically for you.

Mr. Farkas has been licensed in the state of Texas for more than 40 years, and he is qualified to help you with many different areas of the law. As an Attorney Ad Litem and a member of the Texas Bar College, he will fight for your rights and help you obtain justice in your legal matter.

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Mr. Farkas is also backed by an experienced and professional staff.

A Legal "Gladiator" Fighting For Your Rights

Legal disputes are fights, and lawyer Andrew L. Farkas is a fighter who doesn't back down. No one in the courtroom intimidates him. When you are standing in the courtroom facing a criminal conviction, a personal injury claim, a divorce or another legal matter, Mr. Farkas will be the only thing standing between you and a negative legal outcome.

Mr. Farkas first practiced law in the 1970s in Massachusetts before being called to active duty in the U.S. Air Force, where he served in the JAG Department for four years, including time as a Circuit Trial Counsel (prosecutor) responsible for prosecuting the Air Force's General Courts Martial throughout the southern United States before moving to Texas in 1980. He has been practicing law here ever since.

More Than 40 Years Of Legal Experience

From criminal law to personal injury law to business litigation to family law, Andrew L. Farkas, Attorney at Law, stands ready to advise you and help you obtain the legal outcome you are seeking.

You can learn more at an initial consultation in Plano. To schedule one, call 972-665-8480 or email Mr. Farkas.