Resolve Domestic Violence Allegations

Disagreements inevitably arise in every family, and sometimes those disagreements can lead to anger. What happens next can have a huge impact on your family life and beyond: When anger turns to violence, you can face charges of assault and other crimes that carry significant permanent penalties and also the stigma of domestic violence.

In some cases, a well-intentioned neighbor or passerby may also misinterpret shouting as violence and call the police. Once law enforcement has been summoned, it can be difficult to convince officers that no violence has been committed when emotions are still running high.

Family violence convictions can limit your ability to see your children or even visit your own home. When you are facing charges, you should contact a lawyer quickly and work proactively to defend yourself from the accusations against you.

Andrew L. Farkas, Attorney at Law, has more than 40 years of experience practicing both criminal law and family law; these skills intersect and allow him to offer comprehensive legal services related to alleged domestic violence incidents. To learn more, contact the office.

Tell Your Side Of The Story After Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence accusations can quickly spiral out of control, but you have a right to tell your side of the story with a lawyer's assistance. In many cases, a strong defense can help you maintain access to your home and to your children.

Mr. Farkas also handles child abuse cases involving the Texas Department of Family and Protect Services (DFPS), including its Child Protective Services (CPS) agency. In Texas, "domestic violence" is a crime that generally occurs between adult family members or those in a dating relationship. When violence is directed at children, a charge of "injury to a child" is more likely to be filed.

As a lawyer practicing both family law and criminal defense, Mr. Farkas can help victims and potential victims of violence file protection orders to maintain their safety. He can also help those accused of violence challenge a protection order when one has been filed unduly.

Defend Your Legal Rights And Your Reputation

Andrew L. Farkas, Attorney at Law, will stand up for your rights when domestic violence has been alleged. In some cases it really is best to allow each partner space to cool down from anger and other negative emotions, but that process does not negate your legal right to occupy your home, spend time with your children and other rights.

Come to Mr. Farkas' Plano office to learn more about how he can help in your case. To schedule a consultation, reach him by email or call him at 972-665-8480.