Committed Representation For Sex-Related Offenses

For better or worse, sex offenses — especially charges involving sexual abuse of children — carry a special stigma. Many criminal defense attorneys in North Texas prefer to avoid these cases. Andrew L. Farkas, on the other hand, recognizes that everyone deserves fair representation in the legal system and an opportunity to contest the charges against them — or at least have an impact on the specific charges and potential sentences they face.

In Collin County and the Dallas Metroplex, a high number of businesses such as massage parlors regularly face prostitution charges as well as charges for licensing crimes. In his more than 40 years practicing law, Mr. Farkas has earned a reputation for successful defense of these matters. His experience in both criminal defense and business litigation positions him well to understand the legal needs of Texas' small businesses.

Compassionate Defense Services For Sexual Abuse And Other Charges

Sex offenses can take many forms. As a criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Farkas has represented clients accused of crimes including:

  • Child molestation and other crimes against children, such as abuse and neglect
  • Rape and sexual assault involving adults
  • Prostitution, including aggravated promotion of prostitution
  • Other forms of sexual abuse

Present Your Side Of The Story When Sex Crimes Are Alleged

Andrew L. Farkas, Attorney at Law is committed to providing each of his clients with his full attention and a commitment to aggressively representing their legal interests. Everyone deserves his or her day in court, for charges of rape and assault just as much as murder, theft or speeding.

For more information on how Mr. Farkas can help you, schedule a consultation in Plano by email or call 972-665-8480.