Child Custody And Child Support Guidance In Plano

Divorce is complicated enough on its own; if you have children, there is a whole other set of arrangements that you must make in order to provide for them through two households instead of one. Child custody arrangements often require each parent to make compromises, which is why it's best to work with an experienced family lawyer who can represent both your best interests and those of your child or children.

Andrew L. Farkas, Attorney at Law, will help you navigate the process of creating a child custody plan from start to finish. The first question to answer is who will have custody of your child or children. In some cases, one parent will be awarded sole custody or primary custody while the other is assigned visitation rights; other parents choose to share joint custody and divide parental responsibilities more evenly. Having legal custody means a lot more than determining whose house your child sleeps at each night. Parents with custody have the power to make important decisions about their child's health, education, religious exposure and many other aspects of their lives.

In the wake of a divorce, custody discussions can often feel like a battle. Mr. Farkas has more than four decades of experience on the legal battlefield. He is proud to serve as a gladiator fighting on your behalf. During these court cases, the judge may consider changes in circumstances since the divorce or original custody order. This will include sensitive aspects of your life such as your mental state, criminal records and other factors to determine if the child or children are safe in your care or whether you should obtain custody. Mr. Farkas will help you present yourself as a responsible parent so that you can have exactly the role you want in your child's life.

Make A Child Support Plan That Works For Your Child Or Children

In addition to determining child custody, some families will also need to establish child support arrangements so that the child's needs are taken care of regardless of which parent they are living with. This means paying for your child's lunch at school, enrollment for their clubs and sports teams, health insurance and much more.

A lot goes into determining child support. There is a standard formula. However, its application can vary. Each spouse is weighted based on their income, the number of children that need to be cared for, daycare costs, health insurance and other factors.

Mr. Farkas will help reach a sensible solution for your child support case — one that will respect your rights as well as your child's. Mr. Farkas will work hard to get the outcome you are looking for.

If you have an existing child custody or child support plan in need of changes, Mr. Farkas can also help you make modifications to the plan.

Don't Let Your Children Slip Away

Divorce can be hard on children, but you are still their parent and they can still have a happy, flourishing childhood when the dust settles. It's important to assert your legal rights as a parent so that you can maintain the role you want in your children's lives, whether that role is large or small.

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